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Last WILL contesting/challenge

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Wills may be challenged regarding validity for a number of reasons. Family members, dependents and beneficiaries named in the Will may question the validity alleging that it should not be held as the last Will of the Will maker.

In order to challenge a Will, a person must have standing to do so. This means that the challenger must have an interest in the Will either as a beneficiary or if they are an eligible person on intestacy ie the next of kin in intestacy.

One of the following grounds must be established for the Court to deem a Will as invalid including:

If any person with standing believes any wrongful actions have occurred when you made and executed your Will, then they may challenge on the grounds of invalidity.

Contesting a Will may feel confrontational and complex but fret not as our expert team of estate litigation lawyers are here to support and direct you every step of the process to ensure that they challenge the Will as to what is deservingly yours to begin with.

We have years of experience in supporting clients in WILL contesting. Given our depth of experience we have ample competence in navigating this area and we take pride in making this process fuss-free for our clients.